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Cervical artificial disc replacement is currently one of the most advanced and successful treatments for neck pain caused by a herniated disc, bone spurs or a failed neck surgery, such as a neck (cervical) fusion. Full neck motion paired with fast, long-lasting pain relief is the typical result.

The primary purpose for an artificial disc is to preserve the function and mobility of the spine. It is a perfect alternative to cervical fusion and is more effective in eliminating the problem of diseased discs. The surgeon begins the procedure by making a tiny incision in front of the neck. An imaging device called a fluoroscope is used to view the affected area during surgery. The surgeon uses specially designed tools to completely remove the affected disc.

The disc space is restored to its original height to relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves before an artificial disc is fixed. This is very important, because when a disc is damaged it usually shrinks in height and can apply pressure to the nearby nerves.

The entire procedure takes about an hour. Because tissues and muscles are only moved and not cut, pain and bleeding is considerably reduced.

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